Beer Law Mashing

Welcome to Beer Law Mashing!

After many years as a “big law” partner representing publicly traded food and beverage companies, I formed GreenSky Law to attain more flexibility in my life. That includes the flexibility to build an alternative law firm culture, experiment with innovative legal services, and work with a wider range of clients, including smaller entrepreneurial companies.

Craft breweries and distilleries epitomize those clients! They are surrounded by creative, independent people who are passionate about producing great products, caring for their communities and employees, and doing the right thing, which is exactly what I want for GreenSky Law. For me, it is rewarding to help good people achieve worthwhile goals and dreams. And it doesn’t really feel like work!

Accordingly, I’m starting this blog, Beer Law Mashing, to provide practical legal information relevant to the craft beverage industry. Since so many breweries and distilleries are startups or young companies, this blog will focus primarily on basic, nuts and bolts legal topics, but it will also include more advanced topics (e.g., mergers and acquisitions and capital raising), current legal events and trends, and other things that I find interesting, personally or professionally.

I’m writing this blog to provide useful information, but I am also doing it for myself. I enjoy studying law and thinking about practical solutions to complex legal issues. And I enjoy focusing on a specific industry, like the craft beverage industry, where I can immerse myself into the minutia of it, both business and legal. The craft beverage industry is particularly interesting due to the many uncertainties and legal issues arising from its recent, unprecedented growth and diversification.

With regard to me, I worked with an international law firm and another “big law” firm for fourteen years before starting GreenSky Law. I was also a CPA for a while. I have lived in Charlotte, NC for fifteen years and currently live in the NoDa neighborhood, a post-industrial neighborhood that has benefited greatly (depending on who you ask) from the craft beer movement. I have four children and consider myself an extroverted introvert, whatever that means. I love philosophy, music (mostly jam bands, bluegrass, and alternative rock), playing guitar, running, and writing. And I’m also a reluctant golfer, sometimes.

Anyway, I hope to get to know more of the great folks out there in the craft beverage industry and learn more about the challenges facing their businesses. As such, I welcome your comments or suggestions (including topic suggestions) through this blog, on Twitter @beerlawmashing, or otherwise.

Like most things, I am sure this blog will evolve over time, and that is fine. Life is all about the process, and it is more interesting when we are learning, growing, and changing.

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