Beer Law Mashing

This Blogging Thing


In case it’s not completely obvious, I’m new to blogging. I figure it’s like everything else on the internet though. There aren’t any “real rules”—just unwritten ones that I don’t know anything about! But I suppose I’ll figure it out.

I’ve been worried about posting images. I like to think I’m not a typical “hand-wringing, nervous lawyer,” but I guess I can’t help it sometimes. That’s what law school and fifteen years of practice will do to you.

The copyright laws are ridiculously uncertain, which makes them subject to inadvertent violations and abuse. Gray areas can result in frivolous (but burdensome) lawsuits and other abuses, like people trying to charge me for images with expired copyrights. This stifles creativity. The laws need to catch up with the digital age, but that’s another subject.

I don’t like most of the beer and law-related stock images. They get tedious—beer mugs, barrels, scales of justice, stern looking dudes in suits, dusty old law books, etc.

I’m just going to use random public domain and “copy free” images—pictures that I like or find interesting for some reason. Maybe some beer and law-related images, but mostly not. If my pictures seem odd, that’s the reason.

I’m still working on my next post regarding North Carolina’s three-tier distribution laws and hope to finish it in the next few days. I’m doing this in my free time, so life gets in the way. The research has also been harder than expected. Some of the statutory history is surprising. And our legislators have adopted plenty of vague and ambiguous statutes that haven’t been tested. Until recently, we just didn’t have that many breweries in North Carolina, so there wasn’t anyone to ask the questions.

Anyway, this blogging thing seems okay so far, and I hope my upcoming post will add something new to the discussion. Or at least some interesting trivia. So stay tuned if you want.

P.S., Is this a “post” or “article” or what? What do you call these things?

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